Vol.7. Futoshi Yamashita

Vol.7. Futoshi Yamashita

Nicest person on earth with creativity.

We visited Futoshi’s studio/house in May 2022. It was our second time going there, and this time we had a meal together. With a help of alcohol, we talked a lot about pottery, life, power, and etc.

He lives in Aso, Kumamoto, where is one of the largest volcanic calderas in the world. Mt.Aso is still active and erupts quite often. I asked him if he is scared of the volcanic activity, and his answer was “No, I love it!!”. When volcano erupts, there will be an alert not to go nearby, but for him, it is the time for ash picking. He uses volcanic ashes to make beautiful glaze, and each ash comes out to be a different color. The unpredictable nature captivates him and his pieces captivate us all.

He ordered a personal chef to come serve for us for lunch. All the plates and bowls are made by Futoshi, and they go so well with food. He said his pieces are made to use in everyday life, and he would be happy if our customers use them everyday.

After having lunch, he took us to the mountain side where he believes the earth has power and connecting with nature gives him a sense of gracefulness. He lives and makes pottery thanking the earth and Mother Nature. The sunset was stunningly beautiful, and Futoshi told me I got a good luck. Feeling the spirit of Aso, I felt like the earth itself is a living creature and we are just the part of it.

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