Vol.15. Keita Ichikawa

Vol.15. Keita Ichikawa

Date: April 2, 2023

In the serene mountainside of Takayama, near the picturesque Hirayu-onsen, we discovered the unique world of Keita Ichikawa. His pottery studio, a testament to his love for creation, is as captivating as his unconventional journey into pottery.

Before embracing pottery, Ichikawa was a theatrical actor. This previous career has influenced his artistry, infusing his pottery with a sense of drama and expression. His love for creation extends beyond pottery. He purchased and renovated an old house, which now stands proudly as a symbol of his dedication and passion.

Ichikawa's journey from stage to studio is a tale of transformation and finding one's true calling. His pottery, like his acting, serves as a form of expression, a way to tell his story and connect with people. As we left his studio, we carried with us the memory of his journey, his dedication, and his unique approach to art, a reminder that the path to finding one's true calling is often winding, but always worth the journey.

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