Vol.21. Nobuyuki Hagiwara

Vol.21. Nobuyuki Hagiwara

Date: August 11, 2023

In the quaint town of Myogi, Gunma, there exists an artist whose craft is as unique as his inspiration. Nobuyuki Hagiwara, a potter with an undying passion for the color blue, stands out in the vast expanse of ceramic artisans.

Since his earliest memories, Hagiwara's world has been painted in varying shades of blue. To most of us, blue is just one of the many colors in the spectrum, but to Hagiwara, it's a universe unto itself. Each hue, from the deepest indigo to the softest azure, narrates a story, a fleeting emotion, a distant memory.

Hagiwara's pottery isn't merely an exploration of color but also of form. Some of his pottery resembles the shapes of Arabian pottery which reminds me of Aladdin’s genie lamp. He told us that one day, he would like to travel to Chefchaouen, Morocco, beautiful blue town.

After our studio visit, we had Soba lunch together nearby and we discussed about future exhibition of new works in 2024.

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