Vol.22. Ryukakugama

Vol.22. Ryukakugama

Date: August 18, 2023

Amid the majestic mountains of Takayama, we found ourselves journeying to the secluded studio of Toshinobu Araya.

Araya-san is a master potter who has been making pottery over 40 years.

His studio has large windows in front of potter’s wheel.The enchanting view promises different spectacles with the seasons, and Araya-san shared with us a particular fondness for the snowy winters. "There's a certain magic," he said, "in watching the snowflakes descend gently upon the landscape, painting everything in a pristine shade of white, all while I'm molding my pottery."

But beyond the scenic beauty that surrounds him, Araya-san’s philosophy towards pottery stands out even more. Every piece he crafts carries a dual purpose. For him, pottery isn’t just an object of aesthetic appeal; it’s an embodiment of functionality. He shared, "When I mold the clay, I think of the hands that will use it, the homes it will reside in, and the purposes it will serve."

He has been really kind to us since we first met in his shop in Takayama. We would like to thank him for everything.

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