Vol.1. Shingo Umano

Vol.1. Shingo Umano

In Summer of 2022, we traveled to Tokushima, Shikoku island, to meet Shingo Umano.

First time I saw his pieces it was in Moegi gallery in Mashiko, where Umano-san used to live and make pottery. I loved it so much that even though my cabinet was full of potteries, I purchased two plates.
Since then those plates are one of my favorites, and I was delighted when I finally started carrying his pieces.

Arriving at his studio an hour earlier than the time of appointment, Shingo and Yumiko Umano welcomed us warmly. I always thought Shikoku island is much further than it actually is, so we left Nagoya early morning around 5am, but then there was no traffic and here we were arrived an hour early.
Shingo is shy and quiet man, and he lets art do the talking, but he explained us a little secret of his creation. He uses clay from Nara 2-3 hours drive from his place, which is essential to his works. Even when he was in Mashiko, 10-12 hours from Nara, he drove to get clay from there.
He then uses many different ashes such as Japanese cypress and oak for glazing. He tests constantly to have desired outcome and new glazes.

We didn’t have much time in Tokushima, but the next time we come, hopefully we have more time to know the beautiful island of Shikoku.

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