Vol.17. Takeryo Kawaguchi

Vol.17. Takeryo Kawaguchi

Date: May 23, 2023

Our return to Arita led us once again to the enchanting realm of Takeryo Kawaguchi, a visionary potter who continues to captivate us with his evolving artistry. While Arita is renowned for its porcelain, Takeryo has chosen to embark on a path less traveled, delving into the realm of earthenware and igniting our anticipation with the forthcoming construction of a wood-fired kiln.

From the moment we stepped into Takeryo's studio, it was evident that his artistry had undergone a remarkable transformation since our last visit. The soulful essence of his pottery resonated deeply, reflecting his unwavering commitment to listening to his heart and expressing his emotions through his craft. His vessels now exuded an even greater sense of connection, as if they were conduits for his innermost thoughts and feelings.

During our conversation, Takeryo shared with us his ambitious plan to build a wood-fired kiln—a milestone that promises to shape the future of his art. The prospect of this addition infused our hearts with excitement and curiosity. The alchemical dance between fire, clay, and the artist's spirit has long held a mystique that stirs the imagination, and Takeryo's embrace of this traditional firing technique amplifies our anticipation.

The imminent arrival of the wood-fired kiln marks a pivotal moment in Takeryo Kawaguchi's artistic journey. It symbolizes his commitment to pushing boundaries, to exploring uncharted territories, and to allowing the transformative power of fire to shape his pottery in profound ways. We eagerly await the unveiling of his future masterpieces, knowing that the wood-fired kiln will breathe life into each vessel, infusing it with unparalleled depth and character.

Takeryo's passion for his craft is contagious, and it reminds us that art is an ever-evolving process—one that demands courage, exploration, and the willingness to embrace change. His dedication to the construction of the wood-fired kiln is a testament to his artistic vision and his desire to push the boundaries of what is possible within the realm of earthenware.

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