Vol.3. Toru Kikuchi

July 2022, we went to visit Kikuchi-san in Kasama, Ibaraki, for the 3rd time. As always we talked a lot.
We stayed in Tokyo the night before, and it took about an hour and half to the train station near by. From there we rented a car. When we arrived, Kikuchi-san was in nice cozy studio throwing on wheel. He immediately invited us to take pictures(this time I asked him for the photo shoot while throwing).

He told us that the way he makes pottery is different from other potters. First he chooses the weight of clay, and prepares the same size for 10 or 20. Then he starts making shapes as he feels like. Usually potters decide what to make and start shaping, but for him, making is an expression, and he wants to transform his thoughts and feelings to pottery.

He always loved to make things by hands he said showing us around his studio constructed by him. The studio and showcase looked really cool especially the mixture of the materials used on them. Considering his sense of art, it is the perfect fit.

After the shooting, he invited us to have tea with his charming wife. His house was next to his studio and he also constructed his house. Wow.
We talked hours together even though he was real busy preparing for his exhibition. Thank you for taking time for us. Finally, we promised to have dinner at my house when the couple comes to Nagoya area. And that time, I will be the one cooking and serving (I love cooking).