Vol.8. Vaseman

Vol.8. Vaseman

We have visited their studio in Tajimi, central part of Japan. In fact, I have known them for long time since they started as 3rd Ceramics, and it was nice seeing them again.

As I mentioned above, they started as 3rd Ceramics and they still do, and the product line Vaseman was first created as a failure piece. Nagaya-san told me that they were struggling to make a living by just making pottery, and it was hard to keep the focus on the wheel sometimes. One day they were just touching clay, not making their products line, they found themselves making vessels. They thought it was fun and cool.

They told me that Vaseman’s vessels are colorful, so they try to keep the shape relatively simple and modern. They want colors to stand out because even though they use the same glaze, everytime they fire, it turns out to be different with glaze dripping. They like the uncertainty and hope people will appreciate the art as well.

I noticed that they now have larger space and more kiln to work with, they are doing great as a potter. I know how they were doing at the beginning, so I was really happy to see their progress. I hope Vaseman will fly in the near future.

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