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Asuka Hirase Coffee Mug

Asuka Hirase Coffee Mug

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Asuka Hirase is a promising artist who has embarked on a journey of artistic discovery through her apprenticeship under Teppei Ono in Kochi. As she hones her craft in pottery, she is developing a unique style and taste for art that is sure to captivate audiences.

As an apprentice, Asuka is learning the intricate techniques and nuances of the pottery-making process from a master craftsman. Through careful observation and practice, she is mastering the art of shaping clay and firing it to produce beautiful pieces of pottery.

But Asuka's journey is not just about mastering the technical aspects of her craft. She is also developing her own artistic vision and style, one that is informed by her own experiences and insights. With Teppei's guidance and support, she is learning to infuse her pottery with a sense of depth and meaning that goes beyond the mere aesthetic.

As she progresses on her journey, Asuka is sure to encounter challenges and obstacles, but with her determination and talent, she is poised to overcome them and emerge as a great artist in her own right. With a good taste of art and a willingness to learn and grow, she is sure to make a lasting impact on the world of pottery and art as a whole.

Size : 4.2 in x 3.4 in
Weight : 8 oz
Material : Ceramic

Microwave : YES
Direct Fire : NO
Oven : NO
Dish Washer : NO

Sizes and weights are approximate.

*They are handmade one of a kind piece, and each item has slightly different shape, size, and glaze. Pictures shown are taken with one sample piece.
*If you would like to see actual item you receive, please contact us for pictures.

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