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Junri Hamada Kuro Oribe Yunomi Guinomi Sake/ Tea Cup

Junri Hamada Kuro Oribe Yunomi Guinomi Sake/ Tea Cup

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Junri Hamada is a master potter in Gifu, Japan, who has been making pottery over 50 years. He fell in love with art of pottery that are from era Azuchi-momoyama. He tries to combine the art of Azuchi-momoyama era and modern art mixing with clay and fire. His most popular series Kuro-Oribe (Black Oribe Glaze) reminds me of the paintings of Pablo Picasso. He also make pieces with Kohiki, Oribe, Kiseto as well.

He has passed away late 2022. These pieces are one the last pieces he made.

Size : 3 in x 3.3 in
Weight : 10.3 oz
Material : Ceramic

Microwave : YES
Direct Fire : NO
Oven : NO
Dish Washer : NO

Sizes and weights are approximate.

*They are handmade one of a kind piece, and each item has slightly different shape, size, and glaze. Pictures shown are taken with one sample piece.
*If you would like to see actual item you receive, please contact us for pictures.

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