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Tomomi Mizutani Pitcher

Tomomi Mizutani Pitcher

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Tomomi Mizutani, based in Saga, is a potter whose craft is deeply inspired by the transformative journey of soft clay into durable pottery. Her fascination with this metamorphosis fuels her artistic vision, driving her to create stoneware that embodies a delicate balance between the malleable nature of clay and the solidity of ceramic. Each piece she molds reflects a harmonious fusion of strength and grace, capturing the essence of her passion for the art of pottery. Through her work, Mizutani invites viewers to appreciate the subtle beauty of this intricate process, where raw materials evolve into timeless pieces of artistry.

Size : 6.5 in x 5.25 in x 6 in
Weight : 1 lb 8.7 oz
Material : Ceramic

Sizes and weights are approximate.

*They are handmade one of a kind piece, and each item has slightly different shape, size, and glaze. Pictures shown are taken with one sample piece.
*If you would like to see actual item you receive, please contact us for pictures.

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