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Kamasada Nanbutekki Vase Object

Kamasada Nanbutekki Vase Object

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Kamasada is Nanbutekki maker in Iwate prefecture. Traditionally, Ironwares are for Tea pot, sukiyaki plate and other cookingwares, but Kamasada use iron to make well designed goods such as beer opener and objects. As material being iron, it is heavy and sturdy.

Size : 4.5 in x 7.5 in
Weight : 1 lb 6 oz
Material : Cast Iron + Wood stand

Sizes and weights are approximate.

*They are handmade one of a kind piece, and each item has slightly different shape, size, and glaze. Pictures shown are taken with one sample piece.
*If you would like to see actual item you receive, please contact us for pictures.

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