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Nobuhito Nakaoka Wall Vase Tanka Yakishime

Nobuhito Nakaoka Wall Vase Tanka Yakishime

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Nobuhito started pottery as apprentice under Tadashi Nishihata in Tamba. He went to St. Vincent, small island in Caribbean, for 2 years to teach pottery. After returning to Japan, he opened his new kiln in Tamba. He makes art pieces including vase, matcha bowl, and also make everyday tablewares. His glazes blue and red are beautifully melts into base white glaze.

This is fired with technique called yakishime where no glaze on top of clay and fired in very high temperature that clay gets hard and usable. colors you see is the result of clay and fire, and each piece looks different.

Size : 12in x 12.5 in x 1.25
Weight : 2 lb
Material : Ceramic

Sizes and weights are approximate.

*They are handmade one of a kind piece, and each item has slightly different shape, size, and glaze. Pictures shown are taken with one sample piece.
*If you would like to see actual item you receive, please contact us for pictures.
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